Steven Rowell is a former Walt Disney World leader, trainer and serial entrepreneur with 14 years of change management consulting experience who has trained and consulted with Disney University, Disney Institute, Shell, Pfizer, Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin, Atlantis Resort, and the US Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Justice, Labor and Education, and 1100 hospitals licensed Steven’s customer satisfaction certification system to improve their patients’ experience and satisfaction.

Today Steven helps professional speakers and consultants impact more people by licensing and leveraging their expert content, so they can build six- and seven-figure licensing deals with recurring year-over-year income, book more $10,000 paid speeches, sell more from the platform, and close more large scale consulting projects. His clients now reach millions of raving fans and followers, make more certain, secure and consistent income with less stress, less travel and more personal freedom. Steven also hosts accelerated business growth mastermind groups for experts, speakers, consultants and entrepreneurs helping them achieve massive growth in record time, while building businesses that thrive on their own with less and less daily involvement by their owners.

Some of Steven’s most powerful strategies include his Bear Upstream Method to enter any new market niche as a total stranger and build a quick six-figure income; Abundance Prospecting Formula that eliminates all doubt, fear and objections within a new client prospect and turns you into a trusted advisor almost immediately; and his Invisible Selling Formula which helps you close more large scale deals without the stress of high pressure selling or arm wrestling anyone to buy from you.

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Steven is the author of the forthcoming book, The Five Minute Secret: How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere at Any Time where he shares the success secrets he learned after interviewing several hundred of the most powerful, successful CEO’s and industry leaders. He also lays out the blueprint to finding, researching and connecting with any leader, influencer or connector you desire, and the exact script for the conversation that will change your life forever. His one “Five Minute Secret Question” has transformed the lives of hundreds of people of all ages since 1996. He is also the author of Success from the Inside Out, Clean Is Not Enough and co-author of Jumpstart Your Creativity.

While Steven’s discovery of his one secret question has led to multiple promotions in his corporate career, and introduced him to every Angel Investor who made his various business ventures possible, and enabled him to have an 18 year successful career as a speaker and consultant with no speaker website, demo video or press kit, Steven is not immune from failure. Steven has faced business failures, financial loss, broken dreams, lost best friends, suffered the loss of loved ones from cancer, and even succumbed to serious depression, causing him to contemplate ending his own life so his life insurance would provide for his wife and precious young son. Yet through it all, he has grown stronger, shed limiting beliefs, lost 411 pounds over his lifetime, finally keeping the last 80 pounds he lost off for good.

Most importantly he figured out how he could impact more lives, travel less, leverage his expertise through licensing, and still work from home with no employees, and get to walk his son and their Goldendoodle to the bus stop at the end of their private road every morning. This enabled him to support his wife’s career as a filmmaker, allowing her to live her fullest expression of herself, while traveling to 18 countries, producing six documentaries, and now directing her first feature length documentary Until20.

Along the way he’s become one of the top marketing and licensing experts in the world, and producer of one of the most powerful Mastermind Experiences available today.

Whether you want to turn one speech into a $180,000 consulting agreement, sell 30 speeches to one Fortune 500 client, or license your expert program to corporations, universities or non-profits, or find corporate sponsors to fund your national speaking tour, Steven can guide you through the obstacle course of marketing, positioning, branding and publishing that will help you impact more lives, earn more and live with more freedom.

Steven lives in the beautiful rolling hills of southeast Pennsylvania where he pursues his passions for winning “Best Dad of the Year,” hanging out on the lake, gourmet dining and fine wine, writing more books, and laughing and playing with his wife Jamila, their young son and teenage daughter (from South Africa), and of course, Butterscotch, the sweetest Golden Doodle you will ever meet. With a deep love for the people of South Africa, the whole family supports building homes for AIDS orphans through Mosaic SA, and providing forever homes for AIDS orphans through Acres of Love, with 5 new homes in Cape Town, South Africa.

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