Most importantly, this site is about you… how to grow your own business, impact more people’s lives, build massive credibility, publish your expertise, and leverage your expert content with multiple streams of income.

  • Do you want to share your message or solutions with more people?
  • Do you have expertise that you know changes people’s lives, improves businesses or helps non-profits?
  • Are you frustrated and exhausted by how hard you are working and how many hours you are burning and know that there has to be a better way to build your dream?
  • Are you overwhelmed by all the information products and training that you have invested in but still haven’t used or implemented?
  • Do you know in your heart of hearts that now is your time, and you will be massively successful if you simply shift your limiting beliefs and use some simple yet powerful strategies that others have proven to work?
  • Do you spend more time every day stressed and worried about “in the moment” stuff, challenges and bright shiny objects, than you do in building something special that will run on its own and provide you the freedom you always dreamed of when you started your business?
  • Do you stay up at night worried about “what’s next” or “if only I had the cash to do that next big strategy” or worrying about your future, your exit strategy, your retirement or even how you are going to pay for your kids college?

Good news, Steven has lived saying yes to every one of these questions too, at different points in his life, with different companies he has built. Steven developed this site to help you along the way.

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Since 2006, Steven has helped small and mid-size business owners grow their businesses in record time and retire by automating their entire business, or by selling their companies. These entrepreneurs were all members of Steven’s Platinum Mastermind Program. They learned Steven’s proven strategies for building trust and credibility with client prospects, outrageous response direct mail strategies and how to position and sell higher priced programs.

Steven’s now famous 3-step “Gee golly gosh shucks” Price Increase Letter helped hundreds of business owners raise their prices without losing any of their existing customers. His dry erase board direct mail piece has produced “sick” response rates of 3%, 8% and even a few times double digit response rates. And his “One Phone Call Does It All” promotion helped some business owners double their net profit, with just this one strategy alone.

Today Steven works primarily with Professional Speakers and Consultants to help them leverage their expert content through licensing and other proven leverage methods so they can impact more people, create ongoing recurring passive income with less stress and more personal freedom. Some of Steven’s most powerful strategies include his “Bear Upstream Method” to enter any new market niche as a total stranger and build a quick six-figure income; “Abundance Prospecting Formula” that eliminates all doubt, fear and objections within a new client prospect and turns you into a trusted advisor almost immediately; and his Invisible Selling Formula which helps you close more large scale deals without the stress of high pressure selling or arm wrestling anyone to buy from you.

P.S. Steven built this site to inspire, inform, teach and model what works best right now in this ever changing landscape of online and offline marketing, branding and sales. Once in a while, he may link to other tools and resources – books, courses, plug-ins, apps, software or service providers. Sometimes those links might be affiliate links, or he might simply be passing on free tools that he knows will help you. Steven will only send you things that are from trusted, tested, reputable providers...period.

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